Know About Inspirational Lady Nirmala Sitharaman

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Know About Inspirational Lady Nirmala Sitharaman

The confident lady was born on 18 of aug,1959.
She was born in a very decent Brahmin family of Madurai,Tamil Nadu .
She had her schooling from Madras and Tirruchippali and also she visited most of places of the state because her father was working for indian railways.

She has completed bachelor in arts in economics, masters, M,phil and she also enrolled for PhD left in between because she moved to London school of economics.

Potical career:
Sitharaman joined BJP in 2006 . She was appointed for the spokesperson for the party 2010.
In 2014 she got the chance to get in to Modi cabinet as junior minister and from there she never looked back. In June 2014 she was elected as rajya sabha member from Andhra Pradesh.

She is first lady who is handling indian financial ministry full-time. She was also elected for the defence minister of the country and she was second lady to handle the defence ministry after the late Indra Gandhi. Now she is handling finance ministry confidently.

JNU University conferred her the distinguished Alumni Award in 2019.

Forbes one of the top magazines of the world has named her as the 34th women in the list of 100 most powerful women globally.


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